The Sauce Stop

If you love hot sauce, you’ll love The Sauce Stop!

The main idea behind The Sauce Stop is flavor. As much as I love heat and spice, I prefer a hot sauce that not only tastes good, but actually works to augment the flavor of the food it accompanies. Thus I work hard to create sauces that satisfy the spice-lover, but retain distinct flavors and unique characteristics.

Hot sauce isn’t just for the ‘hothead’ anymore! Even if you don’t go in for suicide wings, you can still use hot sauce to make your meals more interesting. Just a few drops here and there can transform an ordinary dish into a flavor experience without overwhelming the flavor of your food.

Come by The Sauce Stop on a Saturday morning this year at the Almonte Farmers’ Market to sample some sauce, and check out my other products. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for recipe ideas!